When you load up the test chapter, the first thing youíll notice is the menu on the bottom portion of the screen. This menu is resizable. Hover your mouse over the top edge of the menu, and the cursor should change to a resizing cursor. Press and hold the left mouse button, then drag it up or down to resize. There is a minimum height to the menu. You can also hide the menu by clicking the Hide tab on the top right edge of the menu. An Expand tab will then appear at the bottom of the screen which will bring the menu back up.
Base Menu
The outline tool is built off of chapters and scenes. Each chapter can have multiple scenes, and each scene has its own set of information assigned to it: point of view, a bullet point summary, characters in the scene, characters mentioned in the scene, settings, and miscellaneous (spells, creatures, objects, etc).
When you first open the chapter, it will be set at scene 1. You can set the PoV in the drop down box immediately next to the scene number drop down box. There are drop down boxes for , characters in the scene, characters mentioned in the scene, settings, and miscellaneous items as well. To enter these items, select the item in the drop down box, then click the corresponding Add button. As soon as you do, you should see the new item appear in the list for that section.
Menu Sections
You can edit the choices in each of these drop down boxes by clicking the section titles. A window will pop up on the screen that will allow you to make the edits. You can make whatever changes or additions are necessary and click Save to save the changes. There is an X in the top right corner that will close this window when you are finished. You can also move the window around by dragging the menu bar at the top of the window.
Edit Sections Window
The bullet point summary has a text box in which text can be entered. Hit the Add button, and the text will be added into the bullet point list. If you need to change the order of items in the bullet list, you can right click the bullet, and click to move up or move down. You can also click to Edit that particular bullet point. You can also delete the chosen bullet point. You can delete items from each of the other sections by right clicking and selecting delete as well.
Bullet Menu
Section Menu
In addition to adding items using the bottom menu, you can also add items by highlighting text in the chapter, and Right clicking. An outline menu will pop up which will allow you to Add the highlighted text to any of the lists, or to add the text into the text box for the bullet point summary. For the character, setting, and miscellaneous sections, if you add items in this manner, it will check to see if the item already exists in the list of items. If it finds a match, it will add that item to the list. If the item does not exist, it will create the item (except characters, which must always be created manually), then add it to the list. You should always double check to make sure anything added in this manner is created and added correctly. If you select a character that has multiple matches, such as Weasley, or a character that has not been created yet, a message will pop up to let you know it could not add the character.
Right Click Menu
You can move between scenes in a chapter by using the Scene drop down box or by using the Next/Previous Scene links on the right and left-hand sides of the menu respectively. If you navigate to the last scene and choose Next Scene, a new scene will be automatically created following the last scene.
To view the outline for a chapter, simply press the View Outline link in the menu, which will open up the outline in a new page.
If you have any questions, or if you find these directions are not clear, please let me know and I will see what I can do to clear up any confusion. Please do take a look and try out the outline tool. Iím very eager to hear feedback on it.